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Keys to Success

Benefits of being laser-focused on customer experience:

  • Increased revenue growth at a lower customer acquisition cost

  • Improved customer service and success leading to increased referrals

  • Better products and services

  • Reduced operational cost 

  • Faster time-to-value

  • Unified workflow and operations

  • Increased employee engagement

While you likely do not want to embark on all optimization projects at once, consider the aspects in each phase below that fits your business today to get started. 


Remember, it's a journey, not a straight-line sprint.  As business growth is rarely linear, neither is your organization maturity.  While the following chart is a guide, activities can be mixed and matched depending on your needs to satisfy customer demand.  

Therefore, consider adopting an approach of building a model that tackles one or two projects at time, or else you'll run the risk of NOTHING being driven to completion. 


Define your CX strategy

First and foremost know your north star of customer experience.  Envision how do you want your customers to perceive your brand?


Do your employees have the skills and capabilities to deliver on that vision?

Do you you know the exact problems your customers are trying to solve with your product and service? 


All of these questions and more will be addressed through the following activities:

  • Define your CX vision

  • Voice of the employee

  • Voice of the customer

  • CX Strategy development

Build a roadmap of small projects to execute on your strategy

This phase focuses on building a solid foundation of capabilities on the experience your customers expect.


Like a solid foundation in your home, a strong CX will support your business goals in the long-run.


Some key activities to consider include:

  • Maturity Model/Growth Plan

  • Project Management/Delivery

  • Documentation, tools, and template development

  • Integration among teams (i.e.: policy, processes, and procedures)

Showcase wins, and move to the next part of your CX journey

Now that you have a foundation, let's continue along your journey to superior customer satisfaction. 

Activities to expand and sustain your CX success include:

  • Streamlining software and tools

  • Performance Management (Metrics)

  • Sustainable practices for ongoing success

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